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Téma: Hi everyone!

31.08.2020   08:35

RKreations RKreations Město: Praha
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Hello. I'm working towards relocating to Czech Republic within 2 years from Texas, USA.
I was wondering if some of you would share with me, if you could choose anywhere within the country to live, where would it be and why? (based on a balance of basic life-needs and ability to ride fun terrain and trails). My quad is a big and important part of my life so this information will be most helpful.
Thank you in advance.
Přesunu se do České republiky do 2 let z Texasu v USA.
Zajímalo by mě, jestli by někdo z vás se mnou sdílel, kdybyste se rozhodli žít kdekoli v zemi, kde by to bylo a proč? (na základě rovnováhy základních životních potřeb a schopnosti zvládnout zábavný terén a stezky). Moje čtyřkolka je velkou a důležitou součástí mého života, takže tyto informace budou velmi užitečné.
Díky předem.


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Odpovědi: Hi everyone!

31.08.2020   08:46   #1 Téma: Hi everyone!

mariodevil mariodevil Město: Jablonec nad Nisou
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Hello. It doesn't matter in the Czech Republic, some residents won't like you for riding a quad bike anyway.

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Citace | Odpovědět

31.08.2020   09:25   #2 Téma: Hi everyone!

RKreations RKreations Město: Praha
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mariodevil> Are there not designated areas for offroad riding or something?
Also, is it true that you can register a quad for road travel like a motorcycle?

Citace | Odpovědět

31.08.2020   09:42   #3 Téma: Hi everyone!

mariodevil mariodevil Město: Jablonec nad Nisou
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Can-Am Renegade 800

RKreations> Closed campuses, courses for motocross we have here, of course, but compared to the possibilities of offroad park space in the US, the areas are small. Yes, quad in the Czech Republic can be had with registration plates like a motorcycle, but unfortunately not when imported from abroad. Only homologated in the Czech Republic.

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31.08.2020   19:15   #4 Téma: Hi everyone!

RKreations RKreations Město: Praha
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Anyone else?
někdo jiný?

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12.11.2020   05:12   #5 Téma: Hi everyone!

thekingerr thekingerr Město: Będków
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17.11.2020   16:22   #6 Téma: Hi everyone!

Levis29 Levis29 Město: Chlebičov
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RKreations> Hi there, not sure what you expect in Czech Republic but compared to US, there's not many places where you can legally enjoy offroad...there are small offroad tracks but mostly they're suitable for offroad motorcycles or sport quads (on some tracks, ATVs/quads are not even allowed).

So in reality when you want to go for a ride you mostly need to use any trails outside the forests (not allowed to ride in there), or the usual roads, if you have the ATV registered and you have insurance. Most ATVs sold here are registered and you can use it same way like a motorcycle.
Still talking about a legal offroad of course - it is then up to you if you go into a forest and you may get charged - it in fact depends if you know the place or not and if you know what to expect there, who you can run into there etc.

Another side of the matter is that in this small country you meet a lot (a lot !) of people on relatively small area of nature where you choose to ride, and those people will hate you - whether they are just on a walk, with a dog or on a bike - they will hate you that you ride on something that runs on gas, it's quite expensive and you own it for fun.

I've been riding for 11 years and unfortunatelly that's the reality here, you may get a better impression if you move to a place with lower density of population with better opportunities for offroad but thinking of it, that may be near the mountains or in north part of the Republic, or anywhere else with low density that you can quite easily see on maps.

Regarding the registration of imported ATVs - I think you can register it here if it has COC list and all parts required here for legal onroad use (front lights, indicator lights etc.), but I think it would be easier (and cheaper) for you to sell your quad in US and buy a new one in CR or at least in EU.

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